About the Club

We are the CPP Game Development Club, formerly known as the CPP Game Design & Development Club. Our club's purpose is to promote and educate students about the world of game design and development. It welcomes students interested in different aspects of development whether it be creating art, writing stories, composing music, programming, business and marketing, or simply playing games.

Current Board and Officers | 2022 - 2023

PRESIDENT | Laurence Timothy "Larry" Garcia

"Hello! I am Laurence, the President of GDC this year. When I'm not programming, I love 3D modeling in Blender and playing video games. I intend to pursue a career in the game development industry or work on small game development projects after graduation to fuse my passion for 3D modeling and programming."

Year and Major: 3rd Year, Computer Science
Hobbies: Blender, 3D modeling, video production

CO-VICE PRESIDENT | Lorenzo "Enzo" Cabrera

"Heyo! My name is Enzo and I will be one of the Vice Presidents this year. I will be a senior this year, and while this may be my last year with the club, I have had so many great memories with everyone. I started with no knowledge of game dev in my second year, and it lead to many crazy and insightful experiences from managing the club to doing a VR based senior project. Thank you to everyone for all the great fun that we've had and lets make this year even better!"

Year and Major: 4th Year, Computer Science and Writing Studies Minor
Hobbies: Singing, digital art, playing games, playing guitar, trolling my friends in coop games

CO-VICE PRESIDENT | Janista Gitbumrungsin

"Hi! My name is Janista, I'm one of the vice presidents this year, and I'm aiming to go into game development after graduation. I am passionate about both programming and art, as well as of course video games, so I want to do game dev, which combines all three!"

Year and Major: 3rd Year, Computer Science
Hobbies: Digital art (usually fan art), manga/webtoons, video games

SECRETARY | Isabella Kenton

"Hi everyone! I'm Isabella, a 3rd-year Computer Science major and this year's Secretary. I love to play video games and draw. I got into game development when I joined the club at the end of my 1st year and discovered that I loved it. I've been a part of 2 game projects and a game jam where I worked as a programmer and a 2D artist."

Year and Major: 3rd Year, Computer Science
Hobbies: Video gaming, D&D, reading

TREASURER | Jasmine Kann

"Hi, my name is Jasmine Kann and I love Among Us a lot. I'm the treasurer for the CPP Game Development Club for the 2022-2023 school year, and I'm so happy to be here!"

Year and Major: 2nd Year, Computer Science
Hobbies: Watching anime, playing video games, drawing, and loving Among Us

HISTORIAN | Alex Gomez

"Hello! My name is Alex Gomez and I am this year's Historian. I've been programming since high school and started learning game development in the past couple years. I love the different creative avenues it brings together and plan to pursue development as a career."

Year and Major: 4th Year, Computer Science
Hobbies: Video games, digital art, playing music

PR DIRECTOR | Christopher Gomez

"The level editor to game dev pipeline is strong. It all starts with short microgames in WarioWare D.I.Y. Suddenly you're up at 2am debugging line 12 in Gamemaker Studio. I wouldn't have it any other way."

Year and Major: 4th Year, Computer Science
Hobbies: Coding, weightlifting, cooking, drawing


"Hi, my name is Melvin and I will be the Science Council Representative for this year. Video games have always given me joy throughout my life, and while I am still new to game development, I hope to someday be able to create games that can give that same sense of joy to other people."

Year and Major: 2nd Year, Computer Science
Hobbies: Playing video games, exercising, playing guitar

SOCIAL CHAIR | Miguel Valmonte

"Hi! I'm Miguel Valmonte, your club princess and this year's club social chair, as well as an avid programmer and musician. I've loved video games since I've was young and I've been doing game dev programming since I took a flash game dev class in middle school, and I've taken part in several club projects since joining it my freshman year."

Year and Major: 3rd Year, Computer Science
Hobbies: Complaining about video games and anime, music composition, singing, writing

CO-VIDEO EDITOR | Kennedy Janto

"Hello! My name is Kennedy Janto and I am the club's video editor along with Kien. I did a little game development last year when I first joined the club. Even though I don't plan to develop games as a career, I would love to do it as a hobby. I can't wait to see all the cool projects this club will create!"

Year and Major: 3rd Year, Computer Science
Hobbies: Gaming, Mountain Biking, Tennis


"I've grown up playing video games as a kid, and it's been an interest of mine to pursue game development. I enjoy coding, and I wish to learn a lot about the programming aspect of game development."

Year and Major: 3rd Year, Computer Science
Hobbies: Video games, digital art, video editing

WEBMASTER | Sam "Sammie" Macaraniag

"Hi everyone, I'm Sam! I'm a previous president of the club now working to improve and upkeep the club website! I initially got into game development due to my love of video games (obviously), but it also incorporated my three biggest hobbies: art, music, and writing. I've been wanting to make video games since I was a kid, and now that I know how to make them, I want to share the knowledge to anyone else who's interested in game development!"

Year and Major: 4th Year, Computer Science and Studio Arts Minor
Hobbies: Video games (mostly FFXIV and VALORANT), singing, D&D, digital art


Markus Eger

Office: 8-43
Phone: (909) 869-
CPP Email: meger@cpp.edu

Annie Montes

Office: 8-49B
Phone: (909) 869-3438
CPP Email: amontes@cpp.edu