About the Club

We are the CPP Game Development Club, formerly known as the CPP Game Design & Development Club. Our club's purpose is to promote and educate students about the world of game design and development. It welcomes students interested in different aspects of development whether it be creating art, writing stories, composing music, programming, business and marketing, or simply playing games.

Current Board and Officers | 2021 - 2022

PRESIDENT | Samantha Macaraniag

Hey everyone, I'm Sam! Growing up, I played a lot of video games with my siblings, which is why I've always been interested in making my own! Video games combined all of my passions for art, music, and story writing. Coming into college, I knew I wanted to pursue programming so I can finally make my own games! With my presidency, I hope to bring the beauty of game development to all kinds of people.

Year and Major: 3rd Year, Computer Science
Hobbies: Writing, digital art, music
CPP Email: snmacaraniag@cpp.edu

VICE PRESIDENT | Anthony Orellana

Hey everybody, I'm Anthony Orellana but you can just call me Tony. I started game devevelopment in my second year at Cal Poly and fell in love immediately. I knew I had a passion for making games but didn't know it could be so easy. The Game Development Club gave me the opportunity, and I ran with it. I have been the lead on multiple projects of the club and plan to lead many more. I am currently the vice president and can't wait to help guide this club to new heights.

Year and Major: 4th Year, Business Administration
Hobbies: Video games, legos, cooking
CPP Email: orellana@cpp.edu

SECRETARY | Laurence Timothy Garcia

Hey everyone! I am Laurence Garcia, this year's secretary. I started my game development journey last year during my freshman year of college and enjoyed it so much. I'm someone who has a variety of hobbies including 3d modeling, gaming, video creation, and programming. Video game development was the perfect outlet for me to express all of those hobbies in one place. After working on one game during the fall semester, I decided to lead my own game, and even participate in a game jam over the summer. I look forward to bringing the world of game development to more aspiring developers this upcoming year.

Year and Major: 2nd Year, Computer Science
Hobbies: Blender, 3D modeling, video creation
CPP Email: laurenceg@cpp.edu

TREASURER | Lorenzo Cabrera

Hello! I am the treasurer for the CPP Game Development Club. I have a bit over a year of experience in game development and I enjoy making pixel art and animation! I have been playing games since I was young, growing up on the old Halos. Games are very important to me, so I hope to continue to make games in the future!

Year and Major: 3rd Year, Computer Science
Hobbies: Singing, digital art, playing games
CPP Email: lvcabrera@cpp.edu

HISTORIAN | Isabella Kenton

Hi, I'm Isabella Kenton, this year's Historian. I picked up programming in high school and realized I really enjoyed it. Around the same time, a friend of mine introduced me to game design and development. I've been gaming since I was really young and found it really interesting. For my future I plan to keep pursuing game development.

Year and Major: 2nd Year, Computer Science
Hobbies: Video gaming, D&D, reading
CPP Email: imkenton@cpp.edu

PR DIRECTOR | Janista Gitbumrungsin

Hello! My name is Janista and I am hoping to go into game development after graduation. My favorite subjects tend to be mathematics or sciences and so I really enjoy coding! At the same time, I also really enjoy creative hobbies but drawing is the one that’s stuck with me the longest. When it comes to video games, RPGs and life simulators are the ones I tend to play the most, but I love all sorts of genres.

Year and Major: 2nd Year, Computer Science
Hobbies: Digital art, video games, reading manga and webtoons
CPP Email: janistag@cpp.edu

WEBMASTER | Jonah Moktarzadeh

What started off as a pursuit for an engineering degree had become four years, and counting, to acquire my bachelors degree in computer science. I have contributed game pitches in the past to acquire experience in learning a new programming language, 3D modeling, wire framing, and sprite art. As your webmaster, I expect a lot of adversity, but I also expect coming out of this with the necessary skills to contribute more passionately to future game pitches.

Year and Major: 5th Year, Computer Science
Hobbies: Gaming, working out, humor
CPP Email: jonahm@cpp.edu


Dr. Adam Summerville

Office: 8-46
Phone: (909) 869-3145
CPP Email: asummerville@cpp.edu

Annie Montes

Office: 8-49B
Phone: (909) 869-3438
CPP Email: amontes@cpp.edu