About the Club

CPP Game Dev Club, originally known as the Cal Poly Pomona Game Design & Development Club (long name, we know), was founded in an era we call the prehistoric millenium. It was revamped sometime in 2015-2017 with the Dynasty of Kyles. Then began a series of dictatorships, I mean presidents, who helped us thrive. We've come pretty far, and we hope you're here with us to continue the journey.

Current Board and Officers

President | Celine Mangahas

Celine Mangahas is a glorious dictator. Sorry did I say dictator? I meant president ^_^ She joined CPP two and a half years ago, a neophyte in the game dev arts. She quickly rose through the ranks through participation in game jams, and started taking leadership roles. Currently, she handles responsibility extremely well, and balances the many logistical tasks that must be handled. But as hard a shell she may have on the outside, she is KIND and WELCOMING to ALL who are accepting.

Likes: anime, baking, doggos
Dislikes: country music, cats, tree nuts
Favorite Meme: "Hello There" - Obi Wan Kenobi

Vice President | Daniel Edwards

Daniel Edwards is an absolute savant. His mental calculations far exceed the limits of the classic 8.5"x11" sheet of paper. Constantly iterating with his big brain programmer genius, he also trains himself in pixel art for sport. His a priori conclusions deduced that his massive intelligence cannot withhold the IQ gifted by our munificent Lord so he must resort to garrulous discussion in order to prevent the repression of pure mental force from collapsing into antimatter - thus killing him.

Likes: knowledge
Dislikes: ignorance
Favorite Meme: fool! your mere average mind cannot comprehend the level of meme that is enjoyed by this man

Secretary | Brice Saunders

Brice Saunders is a connoiseur of culture. As a mechanical engineering student, he enjoys hard surface modeling and bio kinematics, both terms that I have zero qualification to write about. He is owner of the whiskipedia, and a keeper of memes. He is also an anime fan. His love of the genre extends to discord, where he consistently provides streams of information about any subject on earth. You can ping him for free headpats too, there are never enough of those.

Likes: long walks on the beach at night and getting caught in the rain
Dislikes: homework, not memes
Favorite Meme: ??

Treasurer | Samantha Macaraniag

Sam is a ball of energy. She is literally the twitch hype train personified. Also she's got cat headphones [insert catJAM here]. Isn't that insane? Bet you want to cop those too. Well haha too bad. You don't get to. Unless? Some of Sam's hobbies include DND and streaming, which she can even train YOU in. But the real question is: can she handle the club's moola? To that I answer, of course @(^_^)@ !! (lol handling what moola we're so broke right now - please give us money CPP)

Likes: art, gaming
Dislikes: the lack of funds in this bish
Favorite Meme: Captain America dad jokes in an elevator

PR Director | Madison Sarmiento

Madison Sarmiento is a woman of many titles: MadiReese Piece, Mady/dx, and [REDACTED]. She expresses language through memonics and twitchspeak, a very rare trait that only 4.2069% of people in the world possess. With a charming smile and pleasant personality, she- wait should we be worried? Like, this is how all the movies have their plot twists. Nobody thinks the happy one can be the bad guy. Uhhh, JK I forgot what I was talking about hehe ... Somebody save me!! I'm being [REDACTED]

Likes: sugarplums and gumdrops
Dislikes: mean people
Favorite Meme: how can you pick only one?

Science Council Representative | Anthony Orellana

Tony is a cool cat. Old tales speak of him, saying that he started the Cal Poly Mafia to counteract its challenges. You'll never see him around though, cause he does the hardest job - representing us on the science council. You may think, oh, it's not a big deal right? It's just the science council and yadda yadda HOLD IT RIGHT THERE. This man is a legend. He singlehandedly parses the information given at a moment's notice and takes care of it before the snap of your fingers. Try and beat that!!

Likes: getting the job done
Dislikes: the word "impossible"
Favorite Meme: If you put megaman in a meme, I'm pretty sure that's the ultimate meme

Historian | Michael Outmesguine

Mike Wazowski is a monster who makes children laugh. He works at Monsters, Inc. as the floor laugher. He- wait a minute, that's literally the wrong guy. GUYS, CAN WE TAKE A LOOK AT THE SCRIPT?? YOU HAD ONE JOB! no no no, that's the OTHER guy. *sigh* Ok I'm taking over this operation. Mikey is a super quiet guy. He gets work done like a ninja, in silence and with stealth. He is a human, not a monster, and Jesus, how was this even messed up?? These are two completely different beings!

Likes: Cats, Cat related games
Dislikes: Celine braiding his hair
Favorite Meme: (I really hope its the mike wazowski one cause that would be funny)

Webmaster | Nandan Vinjamury

Well well well... here we are. Have you even been reading these bios? I wrote them after all. Anyways, it's me, Nandan, Mr VP, poggers personified, dan the man, Razasin etc. I go by many nicknames. I've been working pretty hard to get this website off the ground, so I hope you like it! I'm a grad student (prehistoric man lives another day, I know), who's been here for a while as the VP, and coordinated events here. So, if you have questions regarding anything, just ping me in the discord. Thanks :)

Likes: video games and game dev (what a surprise... *eye rolls*)
Dislikes: you know how people say should OF or could OF, when its actually SHOULD HAVE AND COULD HAVE? ya, irritates me too.
Favorite Meme: all memes, but I also like twitch emotes like pepeJAM, 5Head, and PogYou