About Game Pitches

Game pitches are an opportunity for students to create a game through the entire semester. This ranges from art design, programming, writing, and scripting. Everyone is encouraged to find a group and cooperate to present their minimum viable product.

Previous Game Pitches

Wii Play Tanks

Created by: Laurence Garcia
Description: A Reimagining of the Wii Play Tanks Mini game built for PC
URL: https://emergencyplayer.itch.io/we-play-tanks-tanks

The Musical Elements

Created by: Christopher Gomez
Description: A top-down shooter where bosses attack to the tune of the music. Exploit your enemy's elemental weakness and use their own power against them!
URL: https://hoopy-frood.itch.io/musical-elements

United We Stand

Created by: Miguel V.
Description: You are the Unity Mage - Defeat foes and find new allies in your quest to defeat the Demon King!
URL: https://pkflunr.itch.io/united-we-stand


Created by: Kennedy Janto & Mark Haddad
Description: An early prototype of a 2D platformer with grappling mechanics
URL: https://kendawg.itch.io/geograppler