Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When and where does the Game Development Club meet?

A: The club hosts its general meetings on Tuesdays at U-Hour (12:00pm - 12:50pm) and its workshops/game nights on Fridays at 5:00pm. For general meetings, we meet in-person at Building 8, Room 004 and online via our club Discord Server!

Q: Can I still join the club even if I have no experience in game development?

A: Of course! Anyone with any level of experience or skill is welcome at our club. Game design and development involves not just programming but art, music, and writing as well!

Q: What projects does the club accomplish?

A: Every semester, the club hosts several game pitches where members present game concepts to one another. We then form teams of four or more and start working on creating a minimum viable product of the game. Our goal is to have a working and playable game by the end of the semester!

Q: What is a "game pitch"?

A: A game pitch is a presentation of a game concept you want to start developing, with the purpose of gaining the interest of fellow game developers to join your game development team!

Q: Where can I register for the club?

A: You can find our club registration link at our Home page. Just click the "Register" button and it will send you to a Google Form about club registration!

Q: What does being a VIP Member entail?

A: By being a paid, VIP Member, you help support the club to help us buy more equipment, book events, buy prizes, and more! Of course, VIP Members also get their benefits. By being a VIP Member, you get free merch as well as discounts, priority to events and giveaways, a graduation stole (if you're graduating), and the ability to run for office the next school year!

Q: How much is it to become a VIP Member?

A: It's $15 for the semester and $20 for the whole year!